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About Us

Piper Consulting, Inc. is a comprehensive IT solutions company that focuses on the unique needs of small and medium businesses.  Based in Orange County California, our service area covers businesses in the Greater Los Angeles / Orange County areas.  We specialize in the design, installation, configuration, and maintenance of Microsoft based networked computing environments with special emphasis on the Microsoft Windows Small Business server (SBS) product line and its related services.


Other technologies supported include such products as Microsoft Windows & Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, Microsoft SQL Server and Access, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office and more.


We can also integrate and support such other platforms as Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, NetWare, DOS and some others that may have crept into your environment over the years.


In addition to the software side of things, PCI supports a vast range of electronic based technologies with a focus on PC network computing, TCP/IP networks, smart phones, tablets and the integration of all these devices.